Sunday, June 27, 2010


If someone had told me when I was a kid that only 10% of people would grow up and only 5% of them would succeed at it, it would of probably had more of an appeal to me. But instead I was told the opposite, that everyone had to grow up and that everyone will essentially be doing the same thing with their lives once they hit certain ages. To me, there is nothing appealing about playing “follow the leader” and growing up.

I won’t deny all that nonsense about growing up is still a really hard thing to do, and it definately comes with a bag of heavy burdens that sit directly on our shoulders. But let me explain to you the power of getting stoked!…have you ever tried lifting a 50 pound weight on dry land? Then tried lifting the same weight under water? Even though it’s mass never changes, there is an incredible difference in the resistance making it easy to lift. That's what happens when you get stoked, a typical heavy burden in life, becomes weightless.

Between the sports psychology, social dynamics and general mental health books I’ve read over the years, there is one statement that stood out from all of the Dr. Phil mumbo jumbo.

“Don't be re-active, be pro-active”.

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