Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Search

I spent the better part of the last fifteen years chasing dreams and accomplishing goals I had set out for myself in motocross. Most of which I managed to cross off my list in one way or another...albiet, I didn't set the world on fire and win the countless National Championships I imagined I would when I was kid bicycling around the neighbourhood with hockey cards in my spokes, but I did manage to maintain a healthy love for the sport I grew up with and was even able to make a decent living at it. So I guess at the end of the day that's all that mattered, my life revolved around dirtbikes, I didn't have to grow up and I didn't have to wear a suit to work.

I guess the easiest way to metaphorically describe my transition out of motocross, is like falling out of love with a girlfriend. You can keep her around, clinging to the memories of the good times you once had and convincing yourself they aren't as distant as you want to think. Or you can move on. Search for something new to love, to learn and to teach you new things about yourself and the game of life that we all have to play.

Im lucky in roots are so deeply planted in the motocross, I always know in the back of my heart that it will always be there for a fling whenever I need it. Maybe that's why im not scared to go on "the search".

note:what appears to be an errection.Clearly it was love at first sight.

The Racer X Canada Family; (from L to R) Brett Dailey-General Manager, Dan O'shea -Creative Director, Danny Brault-Assistant Editor, Me -Advertising Sales/Marketing Communications, JTG -Editor/Photographer, Jolene Van Vugt-Graphic Designer, Dawn McClintock -Art Director, Allison Kennedy-Editor/Photographer

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