Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring Action

My bummed toe (sounds ridiculous, but it fully put me out of commission from doing anything relevent to my training for like four weeks) is almost as good as new.

The biggest beneficiaries of my "potentially career ending injury" were the 12 year old school girls who usually occupy the Spring Action facility, but despite the numerous complaints about the un-shaven creepy man who uses foul language on a regular basis, I will be back up in the heezy next week!

The Air awareness classes are one hour long sessions (whenever I have some funds). But it is by far the raddest part of my whole program and is a relatively inexpensive and an extremely safe alternative to train your body's equilobrioception.... if you want to prevent yourself from taking a dreaded ski-patrol escorted toboggan ride down the hill, then dont be a dummy, practice on a tramp first!

Look easy enough for a school girl? well, the little girls schooled me when I showed up...next time im wearing a Justin Beiber t-shirt in hopes of them welcoming me into their wolfpack.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A separated toe (I actually limped around for almost 3 full days until I stubbed it on a set of stairs and put it back into place. All blood flow and circulation came back within 24 hrs), the concussion and a gnarly haematoma on my thigh slowed me down a lot in the last few weeks and had me gimping around like an 80 yr old man...

one of my lil' piggies went to the market ...

(this was day 2... it got a bit more disgusting but ill avoid you vomming your lunch on your keyboard and not post it)