Thursday, August 12, 2010

PEAK Season

May 1st, 2010;
Step 1. Hired the Peak Centre for Human Performance for an individualized sport training program, monitoring and testing.

May 1st 2010 - December 1st 2011;
(Bi-monthly Blood/lactate threshold re-testing & Quarterly Vo2 max threshold re-testing)

2.5 hr sessions ( 1 hr strength/conditioning + 1 ½ hr Aerobic/Cardio)

As I write this, I’m nearly four months into the program and to be honest the only things I don’t look forward to are, the threshold re-tests! Co-incidentally I have one coming up next week that is going to be alot of fun...

Typically when there is no "after" photo, something went wrong...possibly even death.

After strapping you in, poking you with needles and progressively increasing difficulty until you’re on the brink of spewing up muscle milk over their lab. They give you a nice stack of papers consisting of a bunch of graphs, charts and weird science jargon which one can only assume was written by Dr.Bill Nye…essentially decoding how your body performs and for how long at certain levels (zones). Re-testing is on Thursday August 19th. Awesome.

While spending this extended period of time training at the Peak Centre, I see it as a tremendous opportunity for me to participate first hand and fully grasp what elite athletes need to maintain on a daily basis. I will see why athletes simply perform a lot better than you …and for a lot longer!

The Peak Centre trains and tests 3 NHL teams, the Canadian World Junior hockey team and numerous individual players from over 4 other NHL teams. They also work with 8 Canadian National sporting programs and have trained over 30 Olympic medalists..... THEY ARE LEGIT!

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